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Who is Alexx Ray? Born Khristina Alexandria Cunningham, I am a southern woman originally from Charlotte, NC. I am an actress and filmmaker. I live and work in the home of television and film, Los Angeles. These photos are my top moments...

I was diagnosed with Endometriosis in 2011. I had no idea the journey this disease would take me on yet here I am eager to share information, education and care to other women with endo, while increasing the consciousness of all women, especially those who want to be a mother one day. Follow @endogirlworld on Instagram.

Endo Girl World


Black Coffee Movie | Amanda

Released January 2015

Watch on BET/Centric on 4/10/16

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Documentary Coming Soon

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Hi, thanxx for visiting my site! Take a look around. Read. Watch. & Join me on this journey! #SouthernGirl #CaliLivin

ESCORTS The Series

Released 2015

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Photoshoot | Sheen

Coming Soon

January 2016

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